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Small and Medium Businesses

Phoenix Research has been working directly with Small and Medium enterprises in New Zealand for more than 20 years. We also bring to the table a wealth of other knowledge about Small and Medium businesses, developed from assisting our corporate clients to market to SME.

We focus on issues that are important to your business. We listen and modify our research services and packages to best meet your needs. We take time to understand your business, so we can help optimise your performance in areas such as:

  • Building better relationships with your customers
  • Discovering your unique selling proposition/standing out from the crowd
  • Establishing/reviewing your business plan/developing plans of action
  • Marketing specifically to your key customers
  • Measuring the pulse of your market/keeping tabs on the competition
  • Monitoring your reputation
  • Reducing decision-making risks
  • Strengthening your internet presence
  • Uncovering new and potential markets



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