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"We have nothing but praise for the advice and assistance Phoenix Research gave us on each occasion. It was a pleasure working with the Phoenix team. They are consummate professionals: they delivered impeccable data every time and met all the deadlines involved in each project."

"....I am extremely grateful to you for your help. The collaboration we have had for nearly two decades has been one of the delights of my career. I have been very lucky in this regard."

School of Political Science
Victoria University of Wellington

“Just wanted to let you know how impressed I was with the outcome. A huge amount of learning gained and it was conveyed brilliantly! The specific examples you backed all the issues up with were invaluable for clarifying just what the issue was, and not allowing management to shrug them off. Huge amount of depth was gained into each aspect as well. Thanks a lot for all the hard work.”

Kestrel Group


"You're a hero. Those charts you sent me are fantastic. I appreciate the initiative, the thinking and the clarity. I'm just so grateful. Thanks very muc.h"

2degrees Mobile


"The staff of Phoenix established an excellent rapport with our staff and members. They have been client-focused throughout, listening to our ideas and understanding issues immediately."

Diabetes NZ


“Their qualitative researchers have been flexible, approachable and good to work with and they have come up with innovative and effective ways to meet our briefs.”

Auckland City


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